Creating Living Environments

Dusseldorf Star-Live

In Lorick: Living - Working - Nature + City.

Düsseldorf-Lörick combines the advantages of a central location within the city with the recreational value of typical local landscapes.

Both interesting and challenging in regard to urban planning and development was the desired connection between office and living quarters. The project Star-Live in Düsseldorf-Lörick has provided just that.

Around the underground train station "Am Seestern" exists a modern office complex. The 34-unit appartment house Star-Live was built next to it, leading over to the living quarters.

Close to work, close to the city - but also close to nature and the River Rhine, the complex offered with its two and four bedroom appartments a new home to singles, couples and families.

Property size: ca. 3.100 m²
Number of appartements: 34
Living area total: ca. 4.000 m²
Investment total: ca. 7,8 Mio. €