Living environments
invite outdoor activity

Hamburg Bergedorf21
From freight train station to living quarters.

Dusseldorf Am Schwarzbach
Bakestone gets a new definition.

Cologne Stellwerk 60
Car-free living in Cologne-Nippes.

We believe in living environments
that are alive in their own right

Frankfurt Riverside
Wastelands turn into first-class living quarters on river Main.

Stuttgart Alte Weberei
Old turned new.

Oberhaching Gleißentaler Auen
Deisenhofen - Living in the middle of the town.

In a living environment,
there is also room for nature

Hamburg Park-Ensemble
From love for river Alster.

Dusseldorf Star-Live
In Lorick: Living - Working - Nature + City.

Darmstadt Glockengarten-Viertel
Glockengarten - Modern age meets classic!

New living environments
also have roots

Munich Sonello
Schwabings beautiful centre.

Hamburg Quartier72
Modern city living for families.

Königstein Mammolshöhe
Free view on Frankfurt.

An attractive living environment
is safe for everyone

Reutlingen Negelerstraße
Freight depot in the past - living today.

Our Projects are alive!
Customer satisfaction survey 2010.

The latest survey among our clients has shown that most our objectives were fully achieved.

BPD in Germany.

BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH is an independent real estate developer. BPD is especially active in The Netherlands, France and Germany, and is one of the largest real estate developers in Europe. 

Creating Living Environments.

In the changing structures of modern cities, BPD wants to support and to participate in future development as integrated real estate developer and to help creating sustainable environments for living and housing. 

F.-J. Lickteig

We are thinking long-term: Creating lasting values and taking responsibility for society belong to our company's objectives.


Important note

The projects and current offers on this page are all located in Germany. Therefore the project profiles are all in German language. Should you need detailed information, please contact us by e-mail.

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